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International Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

International Relations - Essay Example Realism theory focuses on the continuing tendency for arising disputes between two countries or states, whereas, the liberalism theory helps to identify the various ways to diminish the conflicting tendencies. The radical theory traditionally describes how the entire system of maintaining relations between countries should be altered. In other words, the realists believe that the critical force among countries is to preserve the struggle for power by improving its military security and fiscal welfare in comparison to other countries. Furthermore, the competition between countries is observed as ‘zero-sum game’ in which a country’s gain is a loss for the other country (Dumbaugh 2009). Thesis Statement The paper will discuss the international relations shared between the United States and China for exporting Chinese Tires to the US. Moreover, the paper will focus mainly on the realist and liberal theories for evaluating and better understanding of the relations betw een the two countries. Furthermore, it has been observed that the US government has issued new tariff rules for the US firms in importing tire products from China, which have discouraged many buyers from importing. The issue has bothered many large tire manufacturer companies of China, such as Giti tires which are expecting huge losses (Dumbaugh 2009). Thus, with regard to the challenging policy imposed by the US government, relationship between the two countries will be evaluated. The current situation has instigated a comprehensive list of mutual and polygonal issues that have developed recently (Dumbaugh 2009). Expansive Detail of the Event Hufbauer & Lowry’s findings state that the entire cost to American consumers due to the increased prices which are the affects of imposing hire tariffs to the Chinese tires, was approximately US$1.1 billion in 2011. This has led to job cuts rather than employments which saved nearly US $ 900,000 in the same year. Therefore, the addition al costs that the US citizens had to pay in buying the tires made them reduce the amount spent on other retail products, thereby affecting employment in the retail sector as well. Furthermore, the tire protectionism affected the US economy with more than 2,531 job cuts which were due to the increased losses in the retail sector (Hufbauer and Lowry 2012). The recent updates state that the Chinese government greatly opposed to the decision taken by US President Barack Obama about the tariffs imposed on the tire imports from China. In this regard, this case would be brought under the judgment of World Trade Organization (WTO) as concluded by the Asian country’s Ministry of Commerce. The ministry further said that by imposing higher import duties the US government violated the rules implemented by WTO which was a breach in commitments made by the US at the Group of 20 summits. Thus, it can be stated that the decision to register the case in WTO will affect the international relat ions between the two countries, thereby leading to a chain reaction towards trade protectionism (Bloomberg L.P. 2009). The decision to increase the import duties on tires was followed by a complaint from the United Steelworkers union which is one of the biggest US trading partners. The complaint was to discourage imports from China and encourage using tires produced in own country. Moreover, the steelworkers union that represented more than 15,000 employees working at the 13 tire plants in the US supported the decision as their job cuts were being frequent due to the shutdown of the factories which were being affected by the cheap imports (Bloomberg L.P. 2009). Arguments Realist Theory According to Donnelly (2000), realism is considered as an advancement

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